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Live Lighter Families offers age-appropriate programmes to support overweight children, young people, and their families in leading happier and healthier lives.

All of our programmes run for a 12-week period to enable maximum results. We do this by providing the right level of support and encouragement to families, focusing on the following key areas:

  • Diet and healthy eating habits (portion sizes, food labelling)
  • Age-appropriate physical activity delivered by qualified professionals
  • Reducing the amount of sedentary time (i.e. time spent sitting down)
  • Strategies for changing family behavior to create new and positive, healthy habits

The programme will kick off with an information session, where you as a family will learn about making new, healthy lifestyle changes, followed by a fun activity session which we encourage the whole family to get involved in!

All our sessions are fun and designed to motivate all members of the family to take part. They include games such as Dishes and Domes, Tag, Treasure Hunts and Dodgeball!

We also provide a safe space for Parents/Guardians and their families to discuss any challenges they may be facing when making healthy lifestyle changes.

Join us here or please get in touch with a member of our team on 0114 270 2043 to find out more.

Participating venues near you...

Great news! Our family face to face weight management courses are back.

Get in touch to find a venue near you.

Don’t worry if you’re not ready to join in yet. Sign up for our popular virtual workshops instead.

There’s still lots of activity, you don’t just sit in front of a computer screen when you take part!

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Sheffield families wishing to join the Live Lighter Families programme can be referred by a health professional or directly by a parent/guardian.

Participating children must be aged 5-17 years and on or above the 91st Centile on the Child BMI Growth Chart.

Please note that all participating families are expected to:

Commit to attending the full 12-week programme focusing on healthy eating, with all family members taking part in physical activity.

Please note that Parents/Guardians must attend with their children and take part in all activities.

What people are saying...

I have a family and to be responsible to them I need to improve my health. There are also a number of activities in which I feel unable to participate because of my weight – I would like to be able to do more of what other people do, especially with my young son. I found the sessions with a focus on mental health, emotional eating, and mindful eating to be particularly engaging and enjoyable. Thank you team LLS for helping me change my life for the better.